Program Management and Operational Efficiency

Aim: To utilize the best of an organization’s workforce, technology, and business processes while minimizing redundancy and waste while leveraging the resources that contribute most to its success.

Whether it’s do more with less, do more with the same, or do lots more with just a little more, organizations are being asked to be more efficient. To achieve this level of operational efficiency, organizations need to get leaner while implementing robust program management approaches and innovative performance improvement strategies. Although most organizations embrace the importance of these approaches and strategies, many find it challenging to manage these daily tasks while focusing on broader organizational goals and success.

Atlas Research uses a comprehensive and vetted program management approach to design, execute, measure, and refine efficient program strategies, operations, and performance. Our cadre of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) utilizes industry best practices to maximize an organization’s revenues, responsiveness, and flexibility while keeping projects and performance aligned with strategic business goals and objectives. Atlas can work with an organization to co-design strategies that will engage and energize employees while enabling organizations to do more with less. Atlas experts can identify the supporting functions and staffing required to achieve an organization’s mission and vision; develop strategies to streamlines processes and address performance improvement; refine and mature project management governance practices; connect resources to project management functions; and manage daily programmatic tasks, such as reporting, technical support, meetings logistics, and so on. Atlas professionals are also experienced in scaling practices across large organizations, breaking down silos in the process.

Our expertise includes:

  • Project management
  • Best practices identification, implementation, and scaling
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Lean Six Sigma engagement, studies, and interventions
  • Meeting and event logistics
  • Performance management, monitoring, and improvement
  • PMO stand-up and implementation
  • Strategic planning, facilitation, and technical assistance
  • Reporting
  • Supply chain
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Baldridge Award survey criteria
  • Global (Zenger-Miller) Leadership Skills

Inside Atlas: The Atlas team’s most critical capability is our ability to understand and implement effective project plans to fulfill our customer’s needs, particularly government-unique requirements.