Learning and Performance

The Challenge

For today’s workforce, the need for current information, understanding, and skills is more important than ever. The Internet and other technologies have changed the way people obtain and relate to information and how they learn to perform tasks. Enabling job performance requires a strategy that recognizes the role of just-in-time learning, social learning, informal learning, and performance support. Success in this environment requires combining the science of learning with the capabilities of technologies and tools that provide alternatives to traditional approaches to learning and development. 

Leadership and Experience

The consultants, analysts, and learning strategists at Atlas Research are leading the way in balancing the best of traditional learning solutions with cutting-edge technologies and tools. Atlas solutions leverage our insights into our target populations with our expertise in instructional design, adult learning, and learning technologies. This approach enables Atlas to provide memorable learning experiences that ensure measurable outcomes.

We have created and provided awareness training on rural health resources for rural populations and skills-based training for the care givers of U.S. Veterans; created virtual graduate programs in health systems administration at Georgetown University; and led more than a dozen other training-related projects. Our staff bring decades of experience creating innovative workforce performance solutions, from using collaboration tools to extend leadership learning beyond the classroom for leaders across the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to providing online multimedia courses to help public health officials develop successful public health campaigns.


  • Needs and gap analysis
  • Competency modeling
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Performance support strategy
  • Training delivery
  • Training and program evaluation


  • Traditional and technology-based learning (instructor-led training, interactive multimedia, simulations and games, and virtual academic courses)
  • Mobile applications and electronic performance support systems
  • Collaborative learning systems
Renée J. O’Brien
Senior Learning Strategist