Innovation and Modernization

We apply our public/private sector experience and insights to every engagement to create powerful solutions.

We use an innovative data-driven, science-led approach to solve complex business problems and drive outcomes.

We harness the power of analytics tools to enable smarter and actionable decision making.

Our clients work in complex, ever-changing environments. Understanding business challenges and delivering data-driven, actionable insights are critical to an organization’s success to address today’s known challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s unknown challenges, especially as pressure mounts to focus resources, refine processes, and reduce inefficiencies. We offer a comprehensive set of innovative strategy, implementation, sustainment, and evolution solutions to accelerate insight to action.

Diffusion of Excellence Initiative

Client: Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Office of the Under Secretary for Health (USH)

Atlas Research is supporting the design and administration of the VA Diffusion of Excellence Initiative, the goal of which is to effectively identify, diffuse, and sustain best practices across VA’s health care system. Atlas crafted and managed a “Shark Tank” style competition to solicit and evaluate promising practices from frontline employees; facilitated the replication of “Gold Status” practices in more than 160 facilities; and provided strategic support to enable the ongoing success of the initiative.

Innovation and modernization offer insights to plan for uncertainty and volatility. We apply creativity, design thinking, and analytical capabilities to develop scalable solutions and tailored approaches that help clients adapt to meet current and future business targets and unforeseen challenges. Our approach encompasses the innovation lifecycle—from strategy through implementation, sustainment, and evolution.

Vision and Mission Strategic Planning

We conduct visioning sessions to help clients plot a path forward based on industry analysis, best practices, their mission, and long-term targets.

Innovation - Advisory and Implementation

We advise clients on business innovation using a proven, science-led approach and advanced analytics capabilities to optimize and modernize business operations. We implement innovative solutions using various transformative capabilities, such as big data modernization, advanced analytics, and Next Gen tools and technologies.

Modernization Strategy and Roadmap

We conduct current to future state assessments to analyze gaps and craft strategic plans and roadmaps to support long- and near-term modernization targets.

Business Targets and Performance Metrics Tracking

We identify and monitor relevant business and performance metrics through customized dashboards to enable proactive action planning and adoption of new changes.

Organizational Design and Workforce Transformation

We assess current state operating models to design future state operating structures (services, functions, roles, workforce, and knowledge transition).

Process Improvement and Optimization

We continually evaluate business processes to help our clients drive continuous improvement toward innovative and modern methods.

Change Analytics, Strategy, Execution, and Sustainment

We apply surveys and data/predictive analytics to assess where organizations are most likely to succeed in the future to enable our clients to stay ahead. We provide organizational change support through all phases of the change adoption lifecycle to enable clients to learn new skills essential for success.

Stakeholder and Behavior Analysis

We analyze stakeholders to develop customized role-based plans to enable adoption of innovation and modernization changes.

Journey Mapping

We build multi-year journey maps to help clients navigate manageable goals with measurable targets using digestible tools for internal/external audiences.

Policy Analysis Recommendations

We analyze and recommend policy changes to align with long-term Government-wide Reform changes, including execution plans to execute Policy reform.