Health Care Delivery Improvement

Aim: To improve performance and spur innovations that advance the delivery of health care to millions of Americans. 

Our nation’s health care system is in a steady state of reform and change, making it difficult for organizations to balance their daily tasks while finding the time to focus on improving the delivery of health care services. Atlas has nationally-recognized expertise in guiding health care organizations through change, resulting in performance improvement across the care continuum.

Atlas Research works with clients to objectively evaluate their current programs and identify innovative financial and delivery models that reduce spending and improve the quality of and access to patient care. From implementing new approaches to care within communities that have a high burden of chronic disease to streamlining processes to reducing wait times and increasing patient access, we believe that improving the delivery of health care nationwide is a top priority.

Our expertise includes:

  • Improvement strategies for patient access
  • Clinical informatics and analytics
  • Clinical operations and care delivery analysis, measurement, and improvement
  • Clinician and provider training
  • Health facility activation
  • Hospital/provider accreditation and continuous survey readiness
  • Quality measurement and performance improvement
  • Leveraging technology to extend care delivery and improve efficiency
David Seelke
Senior Vice President, Health Management Operations and Improvement

Inside Atlas: Atlas stays ahead of the economic and cultural shifts that affect our clients and communities so that we can be prepared to serve them under any market conditions. We are committed to finding new and cost-effective ways of delivering impact and improving our own service delivery, performance, and client satisfaction.