Research, Studies, and Evaluation

Aim: Leverage our methodological expertise and extensive research experience to help our clients develop best practices that make higher performance the new normal.

Today, we have more access to information and tools to interpret information, than ever before. On-demand access to the data of organizations across the globe means that research has become essential, rather than optional, to conducting business. To achieve excellence, federal agencies must be able to collect and evaluate best practices from inside and outside of their organizations and measure their own practices against their goals. However, many organizations struggle to conduct, and tactically use, high-impact evidence while still handling the day-to-day demands of doing business. 

Research is at the heart of what we do. Atlas’ multidisciplinary approach guides our clients through all phases of product and program development, from inception to launch to marketing and evaluation. Our team’s academically-affiliated experts bring a deep understanding of scientifically-driven research methods and business-centric market research and performance analysis.

Research and evaluation cannot exist in a vacuum; they must be translated into lessons learned and actionable strategies. All of our research initiatives, from focus groups to policy analysis, ensure that our clients’ efforts are directly leading to desired outcomes.

Our expertise includes:

  • Clinical trials
  • Literature reviews and environmental scans
  • Pilot programs planning and management
  • Policy analysis, assessment, and implementation
  • Program, process, and outcome evaluation/assessment
  • Survey, focus group, and interview design/administration
  • Technical expert panel planning, management, and support
Jamie Hart
Executive Vice President

Inside Atlas: Even within the Atlas walls, research is always central to what we do. Like many of our clients, our internal decisions are driven by a thorough examination of data. From client surveys to internal focus groups, we use our own research to uncover key evidence-based insights that help fuel our growth in the areas that matter most to us and our clients.