Information Technology

Aim: To harness the power of information technology to help our clients unlock efficiency through data-driven decision making.

Technology is the engine behind every organization that supports the entire enterprise. But there is also no denying its complexity. Finding the right data to measure performance and ROI, assuring the accuracy and consistency of this data, and implementing solutions that attract user buy-in can all be daunting tasks.

Atlas Research helps our clients closely define their requirements for success and envision how technology can be used to fill those needs. Our deep domain knowledge and proven management expertise allow us to fuse innovation with smarter technology and help our clients improve access to important information, create new resources, and change the way citizens and agencies interact. Our experts also develop training programs and support materials that enable end users to quickly learn new technologies and understand their potential to deliver positive results. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Business/enterprise architecture and analysis
  • Digital strategy
  • End-user training, adoption, and implementation
  • Mobile application support
  • Requirements development and management
Theolinda (Teddi) Mikula
Vice President, Health Information Systems

Inside Atlas: Using information technology to create a lasting impact for our clients is something we take very seriously at Atlas. Our experts are always exploring new ways to use technology to solve problems. By improving the flow of information, both internally and externally, we can develop smarter, more efficient ways of communicating with our clients and employees.