Organizational Transformation, Innovation, and Modernization

Aim: To be a trusted partner for federal agencies accomplishing strategic transformations, improving enterprise performance, and enhancing service delivery for important populations.

Working towards a clear mission, establishing goals, and defining actionable strategies for achieving results should be top-of-mind for every organization. But competing priorities, budget constraints, bandwidth limits, information overload, and changing technology trends are just a few realities that can cloud an organization’s focus on the long-term mission. With a rare combination of academic rigor, business acumen, and multidisciplinary perspective, we deliver evidence-based, future-ready solutions at all levels: from focused projects to system-wide programs.

Atlas Research help clients accomplish strategic transformations, improve enterprise performance, and enhance service delivery. Our methodology is grounded in industry-leading best practices, Lean Six Sigma, and evidence to help our clients eliminate waste and identify areas for improvement across and throughout the enterprise.

With a combination of intellectual rigor and business speed, Atlas Research can rapidly adapt proven processes and success strategies to new situations in creative ways that accelerate results and intensify impact. Government agencies with challenging mandates repeatedly turn to Atlas Research for innovative ways to achieve goals, increase efficiency, and manage more successfully.

Our expertise includes:

  • Innovation
  • Organizational strategy
  • Organizational design and restructuring
  • Shared services
  • Facilities activation
  • Stakeholder management
  • PMO stand-up and implementation
David Seelke
Senior Vice President, Health Management Operations and Improvement

At Atlas: We share our clients’ goal of continuous growth. We actively look for new opportunities that will broaden and deepen our impact and carefully evaluate our current programs to uncover areas for improvement. We rely on the same methods and best practices internally as we do for our clients to develop strategies that will help us become better partners and community members. By enhancing our services, relationships, and corporate culture, we have reached (and, in many cases, surpassed) our goals and solidified our reputation as a thriving middle market player that is truly valued by our clients.